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Videos of each lecture are posted shortly after the live event. For a schedule of lectures in the 2020 season click here.

2020: Decision 2020 — A Republic If We Can Keep It

2019: Checks and Balances — Will Our Democracy Survive?

2018: Is the American Dream Alive and Well? 

2017: The Trump Presidency and the Future of America 

2016: An America in Renaissance or Decline? The Challenges Facing a New President.

2015: The Test of Leadership: Critical Issues that Can Unite or Divide America

2014: Learning the Lessons of History

2013: Gridlock or Action?

2012: Revolutions of the 21st Century: Changing Our Way of Life

2011: Protecting the American Dream for Our Children

2010: The Second Decade 2010-2020: What’s Next for America?

2009: The Challenges Facing the New Administration

2008: Global Issues Facing the Next President and the Nation

2007: The Race for the Presidency

2006: The Future of Democracy in the 21st Century

2005: Defining Issues of the 21st Century

2004: The Challenges of Leadership in the 21st Century

2003: Governing in Crisis: The Role of the Presidency, the Congress and the People

2002: Terrorism: Challenges and Impact on American Life

2001: People and Policy in the America of the 21st Century

2000: The U.S. Presidency

1999: Information Revolution

1997-1998: Governing our Democracy into the 21st Century

*Certain speakers reserve the right to release publication of the video of their lecture.

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