The Twenty-Second Annual Leadership in Education Seminar Continued in 2021 Via Online Conferencing – Student Leaders Learn Valuable Skills From Diverse Experts

The Education for Leadership in Public Service Seminar was established in 1999 with the premise that investing in the development of leaders is vital to the long-term health of our nation. Accordingly, this year, this first-of-its-kind program, included student body leaders elected by twenty-three different campuses within the California State University system, a student leader representative from the California State Student Association (CSSA) and a student trustee from the California State University Chancellor’s Office.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2021 Leadership Seminar in its twenty-second year, was held via live online webinar. Twenty-five enrolled elected student body leaders engaged with nationally renowned speakers who shared their insights on leadership from a variety of different perspectives in different fields. The program, held from Monday, June 14 through Friday, June 18, provided a unique opportunity for students to interact with this diverse group of prominent leaders, learn from their experiences, and engage in dialogue about current policy issues and leadership challenges in the 21st century.

These students then went back to their campuses and communities, ready to serve as more effective leaders.

I don’t think I can thank the Secretary and CEO Panetta enough for choosing to continue with this Leadership Program.  Even in the “virtual” setting, I was able to pick up a lot of information from the amazing list of guest speakers they arranged for us.  I truly believe that this was a once in a lifetime experience and I am very appreciative of Secretary Panetta, his wife and the behind-the-scenes organizers in figuring out how to put these seminars together through Zoom.  I am grateful to have been nominated to attend and I will carry the lessons learned from the program to improve my leadership skills, better my relationship with my team, and remain honest at all times.

— Cynella Aghasi, ASI President, CSU Stanislaus, 2020 Leadership Seminar Participant

2021 Leadership Seminar Speakers

Joining Secretary Panetta for the 2021 program were the following speakers addressing the noted topics:

  • Historical Insights into Leadership:  Why the New Deal Still Matters Today, Richard Kezirian, Ph.D., Professor the Panetta Institute for Public Policy


  • Community Leadership:  Becoming effective change makers, Fernando Torres-Gil, Ph.D., Former U.S. Assistant Secretary on Aging, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


  • Leadership and the Budget; Striving for responsible leadership, Maya MacGuineas, President of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget


  • Leadership in Competitive Sports:  Developing character and conviction, Chris Dalman and Ron Johnson, Former NFL Players


  • Leadership in the Military:  From commitment to command, Thomas Bostick, LTG (USA, Ret.), Chief of Engineers and Commanding General, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


  • The Responsibility of Leadership:  Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, Blanca Estela Zarazúa, Esq., Honorary Consul of Mexico


  • Developing Leadership:  Beginning with Grass Roots, Mel Mason, Executive Director of the Village Project and Regina Mason, NAACP President Monterey Bay Chapter


  • Leadership in Education: Developing and delivering life-long learning skills, Janet Napolitano, Former U.C. System President


  • Leadership in the Media: Journalism as civic leadership, Carla Marinucci, Senior Writer Politico California Playbook


  • Leadership in the Judicial Branch: Delivering equal justice under the law, The Hon. Ming W. Chin, Former California Supreme Court Justice


  • Leadership in Business:  The “bottom line” in achieving success in the real world, Theodore Balestreri II, Vice President of Hospitality Cannery Row Company and Kent Hibino, Owner and General Manager, Henry Hibino Farms, LLC


  • Leadership in National Security, Jeremy Bash, Esq., Former Chief of Staff for the Central Intelligence Agency and Department of Defense


  • Leadership in Congress:  Forging consensus and building coalitions, The Hon. Joshua Gottheimer, U.S. Representative (D-NJ) and The Hon. Jimmy Panetta, U.S. Representative (D-CA)


  • Effective Leadership:  Developing Leadership that Contributes to Social Justice, Chris Womack, President, Georgia Power


  • The Links Between Cybersecurity and National Security, John Arquilla, Ph.D.Distinguished Professor and Chair, Defense Analysis Department, Naval Post Graduate School


  • The Recall in California, Mark Baldassare, Ph.D.President and CEO, the Public Policy Institute of California


  • Leadership in Sacramento, Simón SalinasFormer Member, California State Assembly


  • Speak like a Leader! The Art of Communication and Consensus Building, Sonia Banks, Esq.Professor, The Panetta Institute for Public Policy


Name Institutional Affiliation Title
Stanislav Allen California Maritime Academy Corps Commander
Victoria Bartindale-Guffey CSU Monterey Bay AS President
Noelia Brambila Sonoma State AS President
Dylan Crivello CSU San Marcos ASI President
Kira Dawson CSU Fullerton ASI Vice-President
Anjelica De Leon CSU East Bay ASI President
Samantha Araceli Elizalde CSU Sacramento ASI President
Jeremiah Finley Humboldt State AS President
Daisy Ramos Gomez CSU San Bernardino ASI President
Jesus Gonzalez CSU Long Beach ASI President
Jonathan Hay CSU Northridge AS President
D’Aungillique Jackson CSU Fresno ASI President
Prabhat Jammalamadaka Cal Poly Pomona ASI President
Anoop Kaur San José State AS President
Guan Liu California State Student Association CSSA Represenative
Tess Loarie San Luis Obispo ASI President
Jeovana Lopez CSU Los Angeles ASI Senate
Stephanie Magaña CSU Bakersfield ASI President
Jonathan Molina Mancio CSU Dominguez Hills ASI President
Jose Karlos Marquez CSU Stanislaus ASI Vice-President
Joshua Ochoa San Francisco State ASI President
Krystal Raynes CSU Board of Trustees Student Trustee
Aurora Rugerio CSU Channel Islands ASI President
Ashley Tejada San Diego State AS President
Duncan Young Chico State AS President


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