2001: People and Policy in the America of the 21st Century

The theme for the 2001 Panetta Lecture Series was “People and Policy in the America of the 21st Century.”

The series examined the issues facing our society as we entered the new century and considered our past, present and future. The featured speakers discussed our nation’s history and how we apply those experiences to challenges at home and abroad, with a line-up that included icons of journalism, policy and humor.

Topic Speakers
Challenges of Foreign Policy Madeleine Albright
(Leon Panetta, Moderator)
Elections, Politics and Governing James Carville
Bill O’Reilly
(Leon Panetta, Moderator)
The Generations-Past, Present and Future Tom Brokaw
Clint Eastwood
(Leon Panetta, Moderator)
Let the Games Continue Mark Russell