2006: The Future of Democracy in the 21st Century

The theme for the 2006 Panetta Lecture Series was “The Future of Democracy in the 21st Century.”

In 2006, a diverse and noted group of speakers discussed the expectations for democracy in other cultures as well as at home. Lectures examined the role of the press and the economy in our democratic society and questioned how to balance the demands of national security with the expectations of personal freedom.

Topic Speakers
Can Democracy Survive in Iraq? John Murtha
Slade Gorton
Richard Haass
(Leon Panetta, Moderator)
How Do People in a Democracy Get Their Information? Pat Buchanan
Paul Begala
(Leon Panetta, Moderator)
The Relationship Between Our Economy and Our Democracy William Kristol
Robert Reich
(Leon Panetta, Moderator)
How to Balance National Security and Freedom in Our Democracy Tom Daschle
Jack Danforth
(Leon Panetta, Moderator)