2005: Defining Issues of the 21st Century

The theme for the 2005 Panetta Lecture Series was “Defining Issues of the 21st Century.”

The 2005 Leon Panetta Lecture Series addressed the major social, international and economic challenges we face as a nation. Former cabinet members, television journalists, security and military experts, and legislative experts shared their perspectives on these issues and gave suggestions on the nation’s next steps.

Topic Speakers
The Demographic Explosion – The Challenges of Health and Retirement Security Tommy Thompson
Donna Shalala
(Leon Panetta, Moderator)
Democracy and the Media – Choosing Sides or Reporting the News? Ann Compton
Judy Woodruff
(Leon Panetta, Moderator)
America’s Role in the World РTo Lead, Follow or Do It Alone? Samuel Berger
Robert Gates
(Leon Panetta, Moderator)
Economic Policy – Borrow and Spend, Tax and Spend or Punt? Bill Bradley
Alan Simpson
(Leon Panetta, Moderator)